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Time to link to other reviews of Napoleon’s Willow. So glad that people write such lovely things. This one is from the NZ Herald Canvas magazine.

NZ Herald Napoleon’s Willow Review


Very grateful to Alysontheblog for this lovely review.

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The novel is out and a nice review has appeared. See it here: Booksellers NZ.


I am not much of a blogger, but have to say so sad that Bowie is no longer with us. His death was such a shock. I thank him for his courageous and creative life, and for being such an inspiration for my novel kissing Bowie.

Seventh Rainbow Publishing have created this fabulous new cover and promo poster for kissing Bowie. Love the mysterious and idiosyncratic feel of it that really matches the novel. kB11 text

People keep asking me about a print edition. Seventh Rainbow is a fledgling digital publisher, but you can get the novel in all forms of digital media, including a pdf you can download and read on your laptop, tablet etc and also print out. For the pdf (and other formats), they sell via Smashwords. The Kindle edition is available via Amazon. Really blown away by all the lovely reviews there.

kissing Bowie

kissing Bowie on Amazon has some nice reviews : )